Unreasonable Line T-Shirt (Large Mens)

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Robust 180 grm T-Shirt 100% Cotton

Text reads ‘be the UNREASONABLE man, step out of LINE”.

The design is back and blue ink screenprinted onto a white background. This t-shirt and the lightbox from which it design was taken has been up to now the most popular A.O.F design. All five lightboxes were sold except for one retained by the artist and all the t-shirts are currently sold out but there are plan to reprint this one in the near future. This shirt along with other designs can be found at Zazzle but it is only the design that is available to print on Zazzle shirts not on genuine A.O.F shirts, the choice is yours. The lightboxes are of limited numbers and can be beyond some peoples pocket, therefore the designs are screenprinted on to these high quality shirts as an affordable alternative.

Every t-shirt comes with a sticker and has the A.O.F clothes label on the outer edge to identify it as a genuine A.O.F article.





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