Welcome to A.O.F the home to everything graphic and artistic from Ruben Vine. If you’re an artist in an age of low expectations and lottery fantasies where consumerism has replaced politricks you continually struggle to be heard and seen amongst the media rich culture we are now part of. This website allows you to have access and to buy many of the pieces created by Ruben Vine.

The main body of my artistic work are screen-printed lightboxes, t-shirts and artefacts. It is very difficult to convey the aesthetic quality of the work by viewing a scaled picture on a website, but it will give you a good taster and a clear idea of the nature of the pieces. The light-boxes are always best viewed when mounted on a wall to appreciate them fully.

As well as private individuals the lightboxes have been purchased and displayed in pubs, clubs and other public  looking for something different and visually stimulating for their spaces. The t-shirts carry the same designs but at a more affordable price on high quality t-shirts. Commissions are always welcome.