Grenade T-Shirt (Small Mens)

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Robust 180 grm T-Shirt 100% Cotton


Text reads “Propaganda & advertising are the well oiled and tool of the “Ruling Elite’ and ‘Ad-Men’ which acts as the umbilical cord that attempts to choke the unborn child, in which the hopes and dreams of the underclass lie. Will you consume or be consumed in the ‘Carnival of Consumption’, the place in which the paradox is completed in the reality of modern day living. It’s time to destroy your reality”.

The design is black and red ink screenprinted onto a white background. The lightboxes are of limited numbers and can be beyond some peoples pocket, therefore the designs are screenprinted on to these high quality shirts as an affordable alternative.

Every t-shirt comes with a sticker and has the A.O.F clothes label on the outer edge to identify it as a genuine A.O.F article.




Order Grenade T-Shirt Small Combat @ £25.00

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