Businessmen Lightbox

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27 x 38 cm

Buisnessmen Screenprint with Lightbox


The text reads “We are at a time in history that causes our generation to have no purpose or place – the Middle Children of evolution. Raised to believe the media hype which has us believing w can be Rock Stars, Movie Gods & Soap Divas when all the majority of us can look forward to is long hours, working dull jobs in pursuit of the Middle Class dream of T.V, D.V.D, P.C & all the other worthless shit and short hit diversions these products bring. Products, clothes & cars are purchased to create an identity to remind people of what they thing they should be, and to present it to a world that hasn’t the time or interest to notice anyway”

The design is printed in black and blue ink onto two white translucent perspex panels and high quality absorbent white paper printed and mounted on a handmade wooden frame and back-box which is illuminated by a 6w fluorescent strip light.

All the lightboxes and screenprints are unique as they will all have natural imperfections. Nothing is thrown away, nothing is perfect.










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